Organizational Excellence

Since 1990, Dawn Ringrose has worked with organizations across sectors to improve performance. In addition to consulting, she has served as Director and Chair of the Quality Council of Alberta, as a Judge for the National Tourism Awards for Excellence, as a Judge for the Premiers Award for Healthy Workplaces, as External Review Team Member with the Premiers Award of Excellence and representative on the CMC Canada Committee that contributed to the ISO 20700 the management consulting standard . In 2005, Dawn was recognized by the Quality Council of Alberta for her contribution to excellence in the province as the first recipient of the Quality and Excellence Builder Award. Most recently, she authored the Organizational Excellence Framework publication (2010) and  accompanying toolkit (2011-2012) and has led the development of the Organizational Excellence Specialists consortium. Today, she is a Board and Country member with the Global Benchmarking Network, an Executive Team member with the Organizational Excellence Technical Committee QMD ASQ and a Leader with the Content Management Committees at QMD ASQ. 

Organizational Excellence Specialists licenses professionals to use the Organizational Excellence Framework publication and turnkey toolkit. It is a platform for long-term organizational success that is applicable to any size and type of organization and is unique in that it ‘integrates’ leading excellence models and provides ‘implementation guidelines’ for the user. For over 20 years, global research has validated the positive relationship between implementing an excellence model and improving organizational performance. Licensed professionals work with organizations across the public, private, and non-profit sectors to improve their performance and collectively make a positive contribution to productivity. Today, the Organizational Excellence Framework is being used in over 20 countries. For more information on the consortium and global network of associates, visit

Tourism & Hospitality

Dawn Ringrose draws on practical and academic experience to serve clients in the tourism & hospitality sector. Prior to consulting, she worked in staff and management positions at food service, accommodation, leisure, and recreation establishments. Thereafter, Dawn built on this practical experience with academic pursuits. Since 1984, Dawn has consulted to industry on a wide range of assignments including: strategic planning, business planning, market research and planning, market and financial feasibility studies, community tourism strategies, service excellence,  operational review, and corporate training. In 2002, Dawn co-created Alberta Attractions, an organization dedicated to working with tourism attractions throughout Alberta to improve sector performance. This organization received the 2002 Alto Award for Innovative Marketing from Travel Alberta and was a Finalist of the 2003 National Awards for Tourism Excellence in the New Business category. On larger projects, Dawn works with her colleague Bennett Brown.


Bennett Brown is Principal of Bennett Brown and Associates Inc., an operations based consulting company which provides experienced, pragmatic assistance to tourism and hospitality stakeholders. A former partner of the Vancouver, Canada based hospitality and tourism practice of Laventhol and Horwarth, he gained his professional training at the University of Strathclyde, Scotland, from which he successfully graduated in hotel administration in 1962 and subsequently had practical experience managing major hotels across Canada. The firm provides services in Canada, the United States, Europe, and the Caribbean. Services include project management, financial and investment analysis, contract negotiations, operation reviews, market studies, education and training, tourism and parks planning. Clients include the public sector, entrepreneurs, lenders, funding agencies, institutions, professional associations and Aboriginal groups.